The M.O.G.U.L Brand

Founded by CEO A.J. Ellison, the Men of God Undertaking Leadership (M.O.G.U.L) brand began as a Nonprofit Organization in 2018 based out of Detroit, Michigan. The mission was to provide mentorship to young men and develop them mentally, physically, and spiritually into positive leaders within their community. After a year of successful community events, the organization went through a period of transition due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since in-person events were limited, the organization began selling merchandise online to keep the brand alive as well as starting a new venture, “The Realigious Podcast”, to continue the outreach mission. After seeing the amount of continued support over the years, the organization officially decided to rebrand from M.O.G.U.L Foundation to M.O.G.U.L, Inc in 2024.